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About Us

Barnett Capital Bank is an international financial institution dedicated to providing personalized banking services to high net worth individuals and corporations. Located in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Barnett Capital Bank is primarily engaged in the business of attracting deposits from the general public to offer investment solutions and portfolio management designed according to each client’s personal needs. In addition to the main focus, the Bank offers Time Deposits, Credit Cards, Money Market accounts, loans and online services. Barnett Capital Bank is committed to provide all the above mentioned products and services in a very confidential and secure environment, being the main objective to protect customer information. Finally, the Bank is committed to being environmentally conscious through the implementation of technologies aimed at reducing paper usage.

The Bank is subject to the regulation and supervision of the Financial Services Unit, a division of the Ministry of Economics and Planning of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Bank also complies with international banking accountability and generally accepted procedures.


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