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Products and Services

Barnett Capital Bank is focused on the private banking and investments segment within the different financial services that a financial institution can offer. Further, Barnett Capital Bank seeks to provide a wide range of financial products and services such as

Personal Banking:money market accounts, time deposits, loans, investments, credit cards.
Private Banking:money market accounts, investments portfolios, custodial services, trading services, treasury products.

Commercial Banking: accounts, credit cards, lending, cash management.
Online Banking: view accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, information update.

International Banking: letters of credit and wire transfers.
Real Estate Services: Escrow accounts.

Corporate Banking

Our Corporate Banking Division is created to suit your company´s special needs.

Personal Banking

Our team will work with you and provide personal financial services tailored to your everyday needs.

Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking Department offers a full range of products and services customized to your corporate needs.

Wealth Management

Your wealth may come from business or inheritance; it may be in many different countries, industries and in diverse assets, but whatever your situation is Barnett Capital Bank´s Wealth Management Division will work with you to enhance your portfolio´s profitability. We can be as proactive or as hands-off as you like.

Family Office

Barnett Capital Bank, with its team of associated attorneys, has a long tradition of excellence in developing trusts and estate planning structures for wealthy individuals and their families.

About Us

Barnett Capital Bank is an international financial institution dedicated to providing personalized banking services to high net worth individuals and corporations.

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