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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

To offer a full range of banking services aimed at high net-worth individuals and corporations with a dedicated personalized service model under the strictest code of confidentiality and discretion.


Barnett Capital Bank will aim to position itself as a strong leader in the Latin American banking community, as well as in the market it serves and is planning to serve.

To achieve this leadership position, Barnett Capital Bank will maintain and increase its deposit base through traditional banking services and develop the Latin American market, in order to diversify its activities in the entire Region. In addition, this strategy will allow the Bank to maintain an acceptable and satisfactory return on assets in a range that will be compatible with desirable ratios for this type of institution.

Barnett Capital Bank will conduct a recurring review of investment opportunities as a managed and adequate asset allocation, to meet desired liquidity and loan demands.

Lastly, Barnett Capital Bank is creating the necessary policies and procedures to become an environmentally responsible enterprise, where paper usage is reduced to the minimum expression, strongly relying on new technologies for procedures such as wire transfers, account opening process, marketing campaigns, and so on.


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